Outdoor Daybeds Ideas: The Perfect Solution To Your Backyard Paradise

Timber Outdoor Daybed

What Are Daybeds?

Daybeds are becoming incredibly popular over the last few years. You’ve heard them mentioned numerous times, but aren’t exactly sure what they are? So, what is a daybed? Balinese Daybeds are a hybrid between beds & couches. The reason why they are so popular is that they play a dual role, firstly they are a stunning accent decor piece for your home, but they also have a high functionality level also.

Day beds are the ideal solution when you are looking for a comfortable place to lounge around. Perhaps you are looking for a calm, relaxing place to read a book, or simply unwind from a stressful day. Daybeds typically have frames around 3 sides of the bed and are typically long/wide enough to lay down. This gives you the flexibility to sit up reclined on one of the frames, or lie down, hence the half couch, half bed.

You can use a daybed in a variety of ways, as they come in a variety of shapes & sizes. Depending on the material they can be designed for indoor use, but you can also get outdoor day beds that you can place in your backyard or courtyard.

Balinese Daybad

Where To Place Your Outdoor Daybed?

The best location for a daybed is in a place that you feel most comfortable, like your backyard. What better way to relax than laying down with a drink on your daybed while the sun is beaming down.

Because of its flexibility, you can place daybeds in all sun or part sun / part shade locations, the options really are endless. When thinking about where to place your daybed, consider the surroundings and how you can create an oasis within your chosen space.

Some shade from Trees will help in creating your oasis, but also consider some surrounding pots & plants, outdoor lighting for when the sun has gone down and some cushions & throw rugs will all bring that tropical oasis to your outdoor decor.

How To Decorate Outdoor Daybeds?

Outdoor daybeds are a perfect alternative to your standard outdoor setting. Their popularity now means that you can find an outdoor daybed in any shape and size to suit your space. With a multitude of uses, the only limit to using a daybed is your imagination. Here are some of our top suggestions to create your tropical oasis in your backyard.

  1. Outdoor Setting: The first aspect to consider is where to place your Outdoor daybed. Generally they are used in a couple of settings, as an addition to an already existing space, for example next to a pool with some potted plants either side or a Buddha garden statue. Or, they can be placed in an open space as the centrepiece for a backyard retreat.
  2. Shade Coverage: In Australia the sun can be very damaging to your skin, and in a space that you want to feel relaxed and spend a lot of time, it’s important to have adequate shade over space. Consider looking into a balinese umbrella for protection, otherwise a patio, decent shading from surrounding trees or even a Bali hut would be perfect.
  3. The Surrounds: A daybed in isolation can still be very comfy, but if you add some pot plants, a side table, some bamboo fence panels & an outdoor rug, all of a sudden you have a tropical oasis and have completely transformed your backyard space.
  4. Cushions & Mattresses: Finally the most important is your comfort on the actual daybed & how it’s presented. You’ll need to make sure that your seat cushions are adaptable for both sitting & laying down. While you’ll also need plenty of small pillows & cushions. Consider our Bali cushion covers to complete your tropical inspired oasis.
Balinese Daybed Cushions

How To Maintain Outdoor Daybeds?

The biggest thing you’ll need to focus on when looking to maintain your outdoor daybed is protection from the elements. That means covering your daybed when it’s not in use or out for show. Consistent exposure to the sun & rain will shorten the life of your daybed, so consider storing under a patio or using a protective tarpaulin sheet.

Depending on the material your daybed is constructed with, you may also have some other ongoing maintenance. However, recommendations are on a product by product basis, and you should contact the manufacturer for specific information.


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