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4 x $15.73

4 x $15.73

Size: 180cm

#10028 1.8

The Ultimate Backdrop for Your Tropical Garden

  • Single sided product
  • This bamboo is a natural colour with natural variations
  • Can be used freestanding or attached to an existing structure or fence
  • Extremely versatile product that can be used for a wide range of applications
  • High visual impact product
  • 180cm x 100cm
  • 200cm x 100cm
  • 220cm x 100xm
  • 240cm x 100cm
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  • Hi...could you pls tell me the cost for shipping 2 panels of the half raft 2400 x 1000mm to 2234 Sydney ..thks Sandra

    Hi, freight to NSW 2234 would cost $84.00 :)

  • Hello How much for shipping 5 1800x900 panels to 2262 Thank you

    Hi, freight to NSW 2262 would cost $157.50 Please note our panels are 1000mm wide not 900mm :)

  • Hi, I'm looking to buy 6 panels of the 200cm (h) x 100cm (w) bamboo panels. How much is the cost of shipping to Carina 4152 Queensland? Thanks

    Hi, freight to QLD 4152 for the 6 panels would cost $125.00 :)

  • What is thickness of bamboo half raft panels please and cost of shipping to 2390

    Hi, these vary between 50mm-60mm. Can you let us know the quantity you are after so as we can provide an accurate shipping cost :)

  • Delivery to 2318 plz 8 panels of the black bamboo half raft 1.8

    Hi, delivery to 2318 for 8 panels would cost $165.00 :)

  • 8 of these panels shipped to nsw 2263

    Hi, Delivery to 2263 NSW for 8 panels would cost $185 :)

  • Hi, I'm thinking of getting the bamboo panels (approx 28) and am wondering how much shipping would be to Smithfield 4878? Thanks Craig

    Hi, can you let us know which size you are after as this will vary the freight costs :)

  • Hi Just enquiring about freight costs to Echuca Vic 3564 and can you please give me a quote on best price for 30 x 2m bamboo fencing panels Regards Ward

    Freight quote for 30 x 2m Bamboo Panels to Echuca Vic 3564 is $185.00

  • Looking to purchase 20 of your 2 metre by 1 metre bamboo fencing panels. Just enquiring delivery cost to Jerrabomberra NSW. Can also pick up at Hume in the ACT from one of the major road transports like Toll. Thanks

    Hi, we have deliveries to the ACT next week so we can provide a discounted rate of $185 to your door :)

  • Hi, Do you sell the whole round bamboo not the half bamboo, 240 x 100 as I feel this would look better on the neighbours side. If so I would need 20 sheets, If you do can you give me a price. Thanks. Also How long would it take to arrive in perth? Thanks Liz Kelly

    Hi, we don't stock the full round panels however we can have these ordered in for you. Feel free to give us a call :)

  • Is single sided products means that length vise item is cut trough so it’s half of whole bamboo stick connected in raft stile ??? I would like to order 20 panels 18o x 90 cm and 6 panels 200x100 cm Can you send me quotation with freight cost to Sydney plz Z R

    Hi, yes thats correct! If you can imagine the panels are bamboo poles cut in half. Can you please let us know the suburb and postcode so we can provide you with an accurate shipping cost :)

  • How would I fix these Panels to a steel rail of my colour bond fence How much for 2.4 m panels and 6m long and how much freight to Adelaide and do you deliver to door. Thank you

    Hi, the best method would be to attach rails from post to post on your existing colourbond fence. The panels can then be directly fixed to these rails. You would need 6 panels as these are 1m wide. The most cost effective freight would be to collect your order from our depot costing $145. Alternativley, door to door freight would cost $420.

  • Hi do you have 4 x 1800mm x 1000mm half raft panels in stock ? And can I pick up In Melbourne using my Ute ?

    Hi, these are on backorder due to arrive in the next week. You can pre-order these by calling our showroom on 03 93984649 :)

  • Hi Guys I am at Marengo (Apollo Bay 3233). Do you have a freight cost for 7 panels 200x100. Cheers

    Hi, freight to Apollo bay would cost $98.00 :)

  • Can you tell me pricing for 12 X half raft panels 1800h X 100w delivery to Narara NSW 2250 (Gosford). Also, Do panels come in natural colour.

    Hi, delivery to Narara NSW would cost $165.00 We currently only have the natural black bamboo in stock :)

  • Hi, I am looking at your Bamboo fencing/wall panels, 240cm x 100cm for a customer, we require 8 or 10 panels, just waiting for my customer to give me a measurement of her fence, I would like to know if these panels are in stock & also freight costs to Quakers Hill NSW 2763 ?

    Hi, yes we have these in stock. Can you let us know the postcode and suburb and we'll get back to you with a freight cost :)

  • Hi , do the bamboo panel coated with oil or raw and what warranty do I have if installed outdoors as privacy screen between my neighbours and I. Regards. Daoud

    Hi, our bamboo panels come "pre-finished" however will require periodical maintanence/coating to protect them from harsh UV :)

  • how much would freight be for 6 panels to nsw 2262 Also do you know if the colour is the same as the product Bunnings sells are they from same supplier?

    Hi, freight to NSW 2262 would cost $145.00 The colour is a natural black bamboo as per the photos on our website. Major hardware stores have several suppliers one of which is the supplier we use :)

  • Hi - could you please tell me the shipping costs to Darwin for 10 pieces 200cm. Ta

    Hi, the most cost effective freight would be to collect these from our East Arm transport depot costing $427.50 :)

  • What is shipping cost of 2 half rafts to 3890

    Hi, can you please provide your suburb also to ensure we provide an accurate shipping cost? :)

  • Hi there, when will the 240cm be available? I need quite a few I’m based in Altona around the corner from you

    Hi, we have more stock of all sizes arriving late february if that suits :)

  • Hi I’m wanting to get this for my back fence how wide is the bamboo section?

    Hi, all of our bamboo panels are 100cm wide (1 meter) :)

  • I'm interested in viewing your bamboo decorative boards. Do you have a Sydney showroom?

    Hi, unfortunately we don't have a showroom in Sydney however, we do deliver Australia wide. If there are specific photos you are after, let us know and we'll arrange them to be emailed if that suits :)

  • Hey there, do these bamboo panels require any long-term care or maintenance? Will they fade over time or have any other considerations? Thank you!

    Hi, being a natural product, these will require some periodical maintenance to keep them looking new. An occasional coat of "Bamboo Rejuvinator" will ensure long term durabillity and avoid them weathering over time :)

  • sorry fright cost to Carrara Qld 4211 of 10 panels bamboo fencing panels 180cm Thanks

    Hi Simon, 

    The most cost effective freight would be to collect from the Depot located in Arundel costing $324.95.
    Alternatively we could arrange home delivery.


  • Hi there How much would shipping be to NSW 2292 please

    Hi, can you let us know which size you are after and also the quantity required? :)

  • How much freight to get 5 panels of bamboo size 240 high to postcode 2643

    Hi, freight for 5 panels to NSW 2643 would cost $85.00 :)

  • How much is the price for 240 cm x180cm


    The 240cm x 100cm bamboo panels are $75.95.
    The 180cm x 100cm bamboo panels are $62.95.

  • Want to organise postage

    Hi, can you let us know your suburb and postcode along with the size and quatity of panels and one of our staff will get back to you :)

  • Do you have the bamboo raft panels in the natural colour?

    Hi, we only supply these by order. If you would like to arrange this, let us know and we'll be happy to place an order :)

  • What is the shipping cost to West Wodonga, Vic

    Hi, so we can provide an accurate shipping cost can you let us the quantity and size you are after? :)

  • Hello, do you know when more stock is due for the 200x100 please

    Hi, we have more stock arriving late next week. These can be pre-ordered if that suits by calling our showroom on 03 93984649 :)

  • Hi I want to buy 1.8mx1m bamboo panel, total 6 panels, postage to Sydney 2769 How much would be the cost?

    Hi, delivery to NSW 2769 for 6 panels would cost $115.00 :)

  • Hi, Could the 240cm panels be cut in half to give me 2 x 120 cm panels.

    Hi, yes the bamboo panels can be cut using a sharp circular saw :)

  • Hello, can you please tell me an approximate freight cost for 10 panels (200 x 100m) to Darwin in the Northern Territory? Thanks Julie

    Hi the most cost effective freight would be to collect these from our East Arm transport depot costing $433.00 :)

  • Do the panels come in 1.5m size if not can 1.8 be easily cut to size. I would be looking at 18 panels

    Hi, these bamboo panels can be cut using a sharp circular saw. We dont stock 1.5m panels unfortunately :)

  • How much would the total be for 14 * 1.8 meter bamboo panels delivered to botany 2019

    Hi, freight to Botany 2019 would cost $165.00 door to door including transit insurance :)

  • Hi there! I was just wondering how much freight for 10 panels to Portland 2847 NSW would be? Thank you 🙂

    Hi, can you let us know which size you are after as this will vary the freight costs :)

  • Hi..could you please tell me the cost of shipping 6 black bamboo half raft panels 200cm x 100 cm to Bungendore NSW2621 please..much appreciated- Jo

    Hi, freight to NSW 2621 would cost $110 This is a door to door service and includes full transit insurance :)

  • Hi I wish to purchase 12 x bamboo fencing panels. I will pick up from store on weekend. My discount code is SAQH-QYUR-V5B1 Happy to leave deposit. Cheers Andrew

    Hi, we can arrange that for you. Simply call our showroom on 03 93984649 and one of our friendly staff will process your order :)

  • What is the size of a panel width & height

    Hi, all our panels are 100cm wide. We have various heights being 180cm, 200cm, 220cm and 240cm :)

  • Delivery to 4503 Griffin Brisbane Australia

    Hi, can you let us know the size you are after and also the quantity as this will determin the freight cost :)

  • Hello can you please tell me how much for freight to Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 10 panels of 200cm x 100cm

    Hi, freight to Wagga Wagga would cost $165.00 door to door :)

  • Hi, Can you quote me please for 3 x 2m high panels and 3 x 2.4m high panels delivered to 2440 NSW.

    Hi, can you please let us know your suburb also so we can provide an accurate shipping quote :)

  • My fence is metres wide and 3 metres high How much do I need and the cost and delivery cost pls

    Hi, if you can let us know the length of your fence and the suburb, we can provide you with an accurate cost :)

  • Hi, is it possible to break the 100cm? I have to buy 9 but need to cut to size for the 220cmx100cm. They are 450 on two different edges so wondering if one can be split? Also what is the shipping to 2041 please?

    Hi, the panels can be cut to size and refitted together if required. Freight to NSW 2041 would cost $155.00 door to door :)

  • do i have free delivery if buy 2?

    Hi, if you can let us know your suburb and postcode, we can let you know the freight costs :)

  • Hi Is there flexibility in the sheet to adjust them to follow a fall in a fence?

    Hi, generally if there is a "fall" on a fence, they are installed with a step from panel to panel. These panels are fixed at 100cm lengths :)

  • Hi, Could you tell me how much shipping is to Albury nsw. 10 panels please.

    Hi, Freight for 10 panels would cost $155.00 including transit insurance :)

  • Is it possible to fix these to a curved wall or are they fixed to a straight bar on the back?

    Hi, these are fixed to rails on the rear so, you would only be able to install them curved in one meter lots unless they are cut into smaller sections :)

  • Hi, Can you tell me how much freight would be for 6x 180mm x 100mm panels to 2529 please?

    Hi, freight for 6 panels to NSW 2529 would cost $195 door to door :)

  • Hi what is the cost to ship 13 panels 180cm x 100cm to post code 2154 NSW Thanks Chirag

    Hi, Freight for 13 panels to 2154 NSW would cost $215.00 :)

  • Hi, do the panels need to be raised off the ground or can they be placed direct onto soil?

    Hi, these can be installed at ground level however, we recomend leaving only 3-4cm clearance from the ground to prevent any long term maintenance requirements :)

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