How To Block Road Noise In Backyard

How To Block Road Noise In Backyard

As Australian cities become more populated & our housing density increases, background noise from neighbours & cars is becoming more of an issue.

If you are looking for how to block road noise in your backyard or the best way to block road noise generally, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are three areas to focus on when you are trying to block road noise in your backyard.

    1. Sound Deflection - Deflecting the noise back in the direction it came
    2. Sound Distraction - Create more pleasant noises to distract you from road noise
    3. Sound Absorption - muffling the sound around the perimeter of your backyard

Sound deflection is one of the most effective methods for when you are looking how to reduce noise in the garden.

A common example of sound deflection that you have is your fence or a wall. While also providing increased privacy, making sure that your fence is a solid material will help with sound deflection.

However, sometimes repairing or installing a new fence is out of the question. That’s where you can use something like our Bamboo Fence Panels to provide added sound protection & privacy for sections or your entire backyard. 


Bamboo Fence Panels

Bamboo wall panels are a perfect solution to create the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamed of. They are extremely versatile, create an instant visual impact & are perfect for blocking road noise from your backyard.

Now you’ve got your sound deflection sorted, it’s time to focus on sound distraction.

You’d be surprised at how effective this method can be in drastically reducing the amount of noise you perceive coming from the road.

When thinking about sound distraction, you want to focus on creating relaxing noises that use the same sound frequency as cars, lawn mowers, air conditioners etc.

One of the most effective solutions of sound distraction is by using fountains and water features to cover road noise.

The calming sound of trickling water runs at a very similar sound frequency to the noises you are trying to drown out, making it a perfect solution.


Water Features Melbourne


Not only do water features create a sound distraction, they also create a stunning visual setting for your backyard.

The best area to have your water feature is where you will be spending the most time or in the high traffic areas of your backyard.


Finally there is sound absorption. Often mature trees, greenery & other natural elements are used to block road noise.

In reality blocking road noise with trees has the lowest actual impact on reducing the sound, however, there is a psychological impact of having a nice outdoor setting.

When you are calm, relaxed & enjoying yourself in your surroundings it acts as a distraction from what is happening around you.

If you have the first two solutions covered, then you can look at how you can decorate your backyard to provide this psychological impact.

A well designed backyard incorporates lots of elements. Consider looking at trees or shrubs in a large garden pot, Balinese garden statues, outdoor furniture and outdoor wall features.


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