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Balinese Stone Inlay Garden Pot
From $299.00 - $399.00

Garden Pots

Outdoor pots are very important pieces of our outdoor decoration, so it is essential to match their style and colour to the garden furniture and the overall garden style. The perfect outdoor plant pots should withstand sunshine, wind and cold weather.

Our Balinese manufacturers make beautiful durable pots from all kinds of materials like stone, concrete, bamboo and terracotta. The pots with unique frangipani motives can be the gem of your garden. If you like the spiritual vibe choose from Bali Mystique’s Lady Tara Head designed garden pots.

For your colourful plants, it is worth to keep in mind to choose a gorgeous natural coloured plant pot to avoid distracting from the beautiful flowers.

It is worth to spend your time and energy on choosing the pieces that match your taste and functions well in your garden. We guarantee you will find the right plant pot that would match your Balinese style garden.