Bali Huts

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Bali Hut Kits

Bali Huts are reflective of that tropical lifestyle we all love. These huts are native across Indonesia and surrounding tropical areas. Balinese Huts are also referred to as Bali Gazebos or Balinese Gazebos and come in various sizes from as small as 1.5m x 1.5m garden entryways up to 5m x 5m gazebo entertaining areas. We currently offer two styles of Bali Huts for sale and whilst they are quite different, both are commonly found across Indonesia and surrounding areas. Both of these Balinese huts are fully imported.

Our Coconut Wood Bali Huts are made using only sustainable materials. Their unique design features hand carved 200mm Coconut wood posts, waterproof Ironwood shingle roof and are finished with a decorative bamboo matting to the underside of the roof. Our Bali Huts for sale are a premium imported product that cannot be compared with locally built treated pine Bali hut imitations. Our Bali gazebos give your area a "high end" look, with straight lines and a roof structure built to last unlike African thatch or Alang Alang roofing variants.

In addition to our Coconut wood Balinese Huts, we also offer Bamboo Balinese Huts. These are manufactured using selected quality Bamboo and have a more traditional "Beach" feel that is synonymous with popular beach resorts. Balinese Gazebos have an interlocking Bamboo design roof which is not only waterproof, but provides a long term durable roof unlike other Thatched Bali Huts.

Both design Outdoor Bali Hut kits are designed to make assembly as easy as possible. Each component is identified to ensure each matching part is correctly matched. Whilst assembly isn't difficult and can be performed by any handyman, it will need some manpower to assist in assembly especially with the roof structure of these Balinese Huts.

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