Garden Door Gate

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Wood Garden Gates

Our backyards are like our own sanctuaries. We need to feel relaxed and completely comfortable. If your backyard has an exit to the street, then you probably have a garden gate. At Bali Mystique, we don’t do any standard backyard gates, we source wooden garden gates made from teak or recycled mahogany that completely changes the tone of your backyard. Our wooden garden doors transforms your space and provides the ultimate garden entrance.

Using timber gates in our mind is preferred over metal options, as it provides a more authentic, tropical & welcoming vibe. All of our Balinese doors are manufactured throughout Bali & Indonesia and is ideal for anyone looking to overhaul their backyard atmosphere. Check out our garden gates from anywhere in Australia. We have great shipping options to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & all other capital cities. If you’re here in Melbourne we call us to sort out the best deal for you.