Balinese Cooking Accessories

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Mortar and Pestle
From $34.95 - $79.95
Wooden serving/Slicing boards
From $16.96 - $19.95

Indonesian Cooking Accessories

Cooking can be a relaxing pastime, but only if you have the perfect kitchen equipment for it. The range of kitchen accessories is endless. The type of kitchen accessories you need in your household depends on lot of things, like how often you cook and what you cook most often.

If you are a great fan of Indonesian cuisine, we highly recommend to look around for the best Balinese kitchen accessories at Bali Mystique. All of our products are made in Bali from local producers. A beautiful and well functioning mortar and pestle is a perfect equipment for crushing spices, herbs and nuts, also an essential for making Balinese food. Serve your favourite appetisers and also decorate your table with a simple but also attractive Balinese style serving tray.  Bamboo wood is excellent for dishing up food as it does not absorb moisture and odours.

Love eating satay and would love to make it in authentic way? Enhance the atmosphere of your dinner party with our simple to use Indonesian imported products. Shop our Indonesian terracotta satay holder at an affordable price. Don’t forget to also check out our range of bamboo food covers, wooden slicing boards and oval trays with rattan endings. Get ready for the BBQ party and stop online with great shipping options.