RAPIKA Deodorizer Ironing Spray


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#10102 XP bottle
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RAPIKA Deodorizer
Get you clothes smelling "Bali Fresh"
For those that have been to Bali, you know how fresh your clothes smell after being laundered.
An amazing smell of Tropical Paradise!
Can Also be used as a deodorizing Spray!
Available in: Bottle or Box of 4 Sachets
Scents available: Cool Blue, Sweet Pink and Lovely Lavender
(Each Sachet makes 250ml)


Ask a Question
  • Hello, I just noticed you ship to australia only, is it possible to arrange it for me to receive it in the united States?

    Hi, yes certaily! We ship this product internationally :)

  • When is the sweet pink going to be back in stock?

    Hi, we are hoping to have more stock of the sweet pink in early March :)

  • What is the nicest Rapkia fragrance?

    Hi, they are all just devine..... but our favorite is the Cool Blue and the Kispray Gold is a close second :)

  • Hi, We just got back from Bali last Thursday, miss it already. But thats not my question obviously lol, I brought back with me the Klin Rapika cool blue and Exotic purple thinking it was the ironing spray sachet? But its a softner could I still use it in my washing machine? So sorry if this seems like a silly question. On the box its got 5in1 written on it. Thank you so much for your time

    Hi Colleen, We all miss Bali too!! Yes we have customers that do use it that way although you will get better results by spraying the clothes as soon as they come out of the wash before you hang them or put them in the drier. Enjoy your GREAT smelling washing!!!